Lido Beach


The Free

Self Absence

Waterfall Splashes

Feed your Soul



Warm water crashes down filled salty humid air. Silent surround sound bathed kisses blissful hair. Angel beauty growls as waves smash heaven sand. I sit in this sacred ground with body and soul without a care.



Snowflake built crumbled castles

Surround this fury of tremble rattles

Snakes that walk on two feet

Set rules for you and me

As we blind are holding hands fight their battles

Thinking that we are free

From that day we let our hands carry lightening

We thought we had that magic

Clack boom blast so frightening

The unknown to be so tragic

Even when this haunting falls from sky

We view this thing is not from high, but out of the center of this brain

Which farmed the lie for all the sane

The jokes on you for all knowing

Poke a melon and watch it bleed

For the sugar it grew was for the weak

Let it die and plant a seed

Because this society built becomes the meek

Washington D.C. photography
Burning Rose



I first set off on my bird. Rolling throughout these mountains. Tackling these here boulders. Understanding, learning, and playing in the fountains. Flowing over the hurricanes and storms... I am soaring on this bird! I do venture in those places. I do seek that thrill, but would kill for perfection. A day when I no longer need to fly. When the sky loosens its grip, and the eye above no longer gives lecture. I journey for that promise land, the beautiful sight of love, happiness and freedom. True freedom is what I seek! My mind is weary of that truth. But what do I know. I don’t live on this earth. My world is above and below, left and right, north and south, black and white. I make my own line of flight in jet streams, that push me backwards, in unconscious, hurdling, behaviors. Such as those rocks down below, in the rivers I use to play in. Where I first met my bird. This bird speaks of the nitty gritty that used to plague his beak. Fish he would eat, turned sour from the residual mountain they filtered through their gills. So now I play high, to rid myself of this plague as well. My clothing flowing, with wind in my hair, warm treats, of sweat drip down my face. These heats give shape to our world, or shall I say, my world! Like the river way down below. This river formed by caverns and crevasses of the long ago. So gorgeous now! This river is supported and kept organized by the structures that form it. Not restrained or contained, but controlled, it runs wilder than any other! It turns mountains into beautiful sky, and sly, rounded, shapes. From rock to dust, the tall becomes. Beautiful it stays. The nitty gritty is just a bitty rock though the nitty gritty has an endless clock, that follows the time zones I play in. This rock laughs and mocks my every flight. Though I take cover, high up in the night sky. I embrace my freedoms. Beautiful, but degrading is what I have become. Such as the small wonder, I am tossed, ripped, and pulled by the hurricanes and storms. I become as those mountains are, stripped , ripped, and miniscule. But now I am free! More free than those poor jerks down below. Reformed on my bird I am. No longer do I need to be the stationary. My journey is in course to completion. Although this completion is never ending. Infinite I become, and lovely I can be, as I may give nourishment to the fish of the sea. I give growth to a tree that drinks this water, and breaths this air, and lives on top of the mountain. Standing tall, and breathing tall above the mountain. This tree, these fish, grow from the same forces I have. They too will become me as I have them. As now I hope to give shelter for another bird to set flight, and I shall feed fish to help this bird grow strong. Someday I will fly again! And free I am!



I see no presence. I have  no clarity. I choose no path. White grey rafts float in every way. Objects of no size. Darkness without sky. No molding this clay, it lays calmly waiting. Slumbered for its next metamorphosis. It is so empty. Why does it feel such ways. Like a bland batch of water made specifically for the unimpressed, the needless, mindless and those people at the facility. Those people that have seen the best, worst, and the rest of what we call a disorder. They take those pills, and still try and feel. They are ill as I am not. They weary of their thoughts and feelings, I have none!  A jealousy could arise if I were unaware. Which by the way, defines our differences. Really this world should be institutionalized. Obviously disordered we are. Where else can you find something so conformed. So splendid of rules and lecture. So black and white, wrong or right. A world where the top matters. Where power is the chitter-chatter of the times. There is no grey area here. What did we do to life, living, existence. We forget ourselves in every decade. Worse to better to being worse. We are the cycle. We cannot bend the rules. There are none! Yet we still insist that we know!



           When worlds see little people in terrific ways, it makes promise and gazes upon the sunshiny people it has grown. The world says to these little people "Here I stand! Big and tall., round and wonderful, permanent and colorful, is the way I have come to be. I shall make love of grandeur for those who cross my seas. I shall make peace and happiness for whom shall demand it. I shall make shelter and comfort, for all who need it. I will wrap my arms around you and tell you this is all you need to know, or love, or hate, or loathe, and debate, on the ways I can form your world into terrific life! To see with eyes of inspiration, and be forced into an entire expiration of soulful happiness. That you and you alone can fulfill, or will that we use all those around. I shall make a light, an orb of friendliness, and warmth. Shall it lead your way, and mold your path for the years to come. I shall make a night-light to tell you I'm still here. I shall make you twinkling stars of treasure. To let you know there is always worth in my world, and you should lay with open happy eyes, in dreamlike surprise, and tell me of your life. Tell me how the strife and grandeur of this world has treated your feet. Tell me of how you wish to continue this fight for my love. Tell me of how the above and below, would never slow your result. Make a resolution, or a pack to stay with me, and we shall venture this promised land for infinity! Be Happy! And stay gorgeous! Tell truths to all who be, and you too will make a world that you and all can see.

A princess haven, it shall be."



      We forgive beauty in every land, but forget to lend hand to those who depend. We never let gesture surprise our views. The one sin we have all done is to run our minds past those with phylanges extended. Give your soul and you’ll be happy! Give your laughter, and you’ll no longer be sad! Give your heart and your body will be full....

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