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I have a very reasonable rate structure. My rates vary from case to case depending on the complexity of the project and timeliness needed. Feel free to contact me for any questions regarding a quote.


William Murdock


What I do


I am before anything an artist. With that said I strive to produce stunning images for my clients. But I don't stop at the lens. I am well versed in many aspects of the arts. From painting to Graphic design, and photography. Below are some of the creations I can provide.



-Logo design


-Graphic layouts / Design



I was born in 1977 in Dayton, Ohio. After high school in 1995 I joined the United States Marine Corp where I started my photography career as a “Combat Photographer”. In 1999 I attended Columbus College of Art Design (CCAD) in Columbus, Ohio. This broad jump from a very rule driven and sometimes hostile environment to a more organic, but still structured setting gave me the intangible, constant change that I thrive in.


Going to an art and design college let me understand how to use the tools at my finger tips and get images from my head to my hand, and on paper. But not just that but it allowed me to access the ideas of art directors and other designers. I am very much a photographer but even more an artist. I paint, sculpt, draw, illustrate, and so I provide just about any medium I can. Currently I use a digital medium for photography. Although some of the images here have been produced with medium and large format film cameras. Others have been digitally enhanced. I am very well experienced at most photographic processes from the wet and dark rooms to the light box and the computer.


I am native to the Miami Valley Dayton, Ohio area but am not limited to my experience in the world. I have worked from California to Florida and back. I bring this freedom of location and culture to my work and make it an essence of my life.